Niko HILDEBRANDT (PhD, Professor)

Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in
Nano-Optical Biosensing and Molecular Diagnostics

McMaster University – Faculty of Engineering

Multiplexed luminescence biosensing

nanoFRET is a young interdisciplinary team comprised of chemists, physicists, and biochemists who are joining their expertises to create and develop novel biosensing technologies and integrate these into real-life bioapplications in cooperation with other academic groups and industrial partners. Our main focus is the application of Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) with lanthanide complexes, lanthanide nanoparticles, quantum dot nanocrystals, and organic dyes. Using time-resolved optical spectroscopy and imaging technologies, we fully exploit the unique advantages of these luminescent markers for ultra-sensitive multiplexed detection, e.g., for in vitro diagnostics or live cell investigations.

KEYWORDS: FRET, biosensing, diagnostics, biomarkers, quantum dots, terbium, upconversion, time-resolved, multiplexing, spectroscopy, imaging, DNA, RNA, antibodies

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